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Video Ads Google Ads

Saturday 2 April 2016

Video Ads Google Ads

video ads google adwords Google Ads began in 2005 has been providing advertising services in the form of videos from Youtube where your video ads can be watched by millions of users Youtube every day or displayed on the Display Network that played videos. How to advertise with video is called TrueView where viewers will be watching the Youtube video in your ad for 30 seconds if the video is longer than 30 seconds.

If the duration is less than 30 seconds, the ad will be played during the duration of the video. Youtube for viewers who choose not to watch the ads, There button "skip ad" after the ad aired several seconds. In addition to excess post video ads on Google Ads that could involve millions of viewers on Youtube.

There are again some benefits and things you should know about this TrueView. Reaching the right audience by creating a Google Ads ads in video form. You can reach a specific target market and have an interest in the content of your ad. For example your target audience is the young man a new career in midlife 20. Then your ads will be shown on the videos that have the demographics that fit your target market. That way you do not need to spend money to advertise to see people who clearly are not interested in the business and outside of your target market. Google Ads TrueView not only provide land to advertise effectively but also can help you measure the effectiveness of ads that you upload to your Google Ads account.

By checking your account, you can track ad impressions detail and also the cost of the budget is spent. Then, to see how many people are watching your display ads, from YouTube account go to the "Analytics" tab to learn about your advertising audience. There you can also see until the second to how many people want to watch the ads you upload. Google Ads provides multiple formats of video advertising that you can choose according to your audience. This ad format also provides the option to viewers YouTube and Display Network ads more about what you want to see and when they want to see.

TrueView video ad format on Google Ads are as follows: 
  • TrueView in-stream. This format provides an option for ad serving whether to before, during, or after playing the video on Youtube and game publisher sites, applications and other Display Network. You as uploaders ads will charge for advertising if the viewer watches for 30 seconds (or less than that duration when the video is less than 30 seconds), or if there is an interaction of viewers for example to click. 
  • TrueView In-display. This format is used for those who want to advertise in video and appear when viewers discover the videos on Youtube and elsewhere in the site with certain keywords. The fee will be charged to you as an advertiser when there are viewers who opens your link and watch the video ad. This ad format can appear alongside YouTube videos, from YouTube search results, as well as on the websites of the Google Display Network.

CPV is the cost per view average paid by Google Ads advertisers to TrueView advertisers can be different from one another. Fluctuations in the cost is based on the duration of the video, the quality of the material, the dynamics of the auction, and also targeting the market.

In order CPV you pay to the maximum, here are a few tricks: 
  • Evaluation ratio of the display. The ratio of the display is the ratio obtained from the total number of video views with the number of people receiving the video ad. The higher the number of the ratio is the better the health of your video ad because it means more viewers engage with your video ads. Video ads with high ratios tend to see which will win the auction and pay lower CPV. 
  • Evaluate your clickthrough rate. In addition to the display ratio, the value of click-through rate also determines the quality of Google Ads TrueView you install. The clickthrough rate is the ratio of the number of clicks on the video with the number of viewers who receive the video ad. The higher the ratio could indicate how interested viewers with your video ads and messages.