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Google Ads

Friday 1 April 2016

Google Ads

google adwords One way to make people familiar with the effort we have is to advertise using Google Ads. Every day there are millions of people who use Google to search for a specific keyword information. With the help of Google Ads, you can get the consumer according to the keywords that we shoot.

When Google users type in a keyword in the search field will appear on the first page. Have you ever noticed the sites that appear on the top row or bottom and marked with green?. Yes well these sites are those that utilize Google Ads ads. Sure people will be more interested in opening the site from the top order because usually the content that is most relevant to that search.

You can also increase the chances of your site to visit and get potential customers to take advantage of Google Ads advertising. You can campaign ads according to the target keyword and filter out unwanted consumer. You can even specify airtime advertising, language, as well as in certain locations. Easily and effectively advertise on Google Ads are available in the feature set a budget for advertising. Because of the large costs should pay for ads depending on how much it costs you provided and depending on the mechanism clicks from users.

There are three factors mechanism clicks that are customized to the needs or interests of your ad:

  • Pay Per Click where fees will be charged when a user clicks on your website url, this method is suitable for business owners who want to increase the traffic on your site.
  • Pay Per View which to provide brand awareness on Internet users. 
  • Pay Per Acquisition where you just pay for the ad if no action is taken after a user clicks on your ad. For example, by making a purchase or signing up as a member. 

Keywords are words or phrases that are typed by users of Google's search engine to look for a specific information. Therefore for your ads to be increasingly viewed by people choose keywords that match the content of your business and will approximately be much typed by someone. Google Ads advertising system will trigger your ad on the front page of Google. If a user is typing a keyword identical or similar to the keywords you specify.

If you're still confused with the right keywords you can ask for help from AdWords agent to guide you advertise on Google and other technical matters. How Google Ads is to serve ads and position is by auctioning keywords. The auction took place very quickly that goes to every person who uses Google or open a site with ads from Google Ads.

Some of the factors that could make you win this auction are:
  • How much you're willing to spend on Google Ads advertising affect ratings. But usually, the cost you pay will be less than the maximum amount you are offering. 
  • Google Ads will assess whether a keyword relevant to the ad auction participated and which was linked site url. The quality of your advertisements can be improved by following the guidelines of the quality score. 
  • You can add a phone number or email in ads that appear on Google search pages to allow users to directly contact your business and interact. Phone numbers and other links that existed at the ad referred to the existence of advertisements that will be assessed its effectiveness on quality or performance of the ads posted. 

These three factors are not stand alone and not on the basis of priority, but must be fulfilled everything you could win a new auction advertising keywords for Google Ads. For example, if your ad quality and existence better than people who pay more expensive. Then your chances of winning a larger auction in Google Ads advertising.