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Google Ads Ad Unsuspended

Saturday 2 April 2016

Google Ads Ad Unsuspended

google adwords ad unsuspended Ads that violate the site to advertise on Google Ads will be suspended. Case ad suspension suspension on the menu Suspended. In order to suspend the site in return can advertise on the Google network sites must be in escalation to Google Centre. Escalation process 3 business days or more after at fixed sites and supporting documents received by Google Ads specialists who are competent in handling the Google Ads advertising policies.

Sites in the first review by the Google Ads specialist before heading escalation process. After the escalation process is completed within 3 business days sites can advertise again in the search engine Google and partners. However, there are some cases escalation process more than 3 business days. When this happens we must be more proactive in following up these issues. Problem escalation process longer because the sites hit by Saturday-Sunday. Google Ads specialist operating hours Monday-Friday. Another cause is the shortage of human resources who work at Google. They serve all advertisers from around the world, amounting to millions of advertisers. When a site has removed the suspension we'll get an email or phone call from them. It is often experienced in escalating advertising sites of our clients are in suspended.

As the agent our Google Ads is responsible for managing the client's ad so that your ad performance can walk properly and optimally to get profit. You are still confused in escalating sites in suspended starting today contact us so that we can help as soon as possible. Choose Google Ads agent who can work fast, accurate and responsible. So that you can focus on managing your business without thinking about the issue advertising in which the system is complicated for some people.

We've had a lot of experience in dealing with sites in your account and suspend. Almost all the sites that we can help fix problems and escalation with reference to advertise on Google Ads policies. There are some cases ads can not we help escalation because the site is in serious violation. Starting today advertise on Google Ads to achieve maximum profit of your business.