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Google Ads Ad Suspended

Saturday 2 April 2016

Google Ads Ad Suspended

google adwords ad suspended Advertise on Google Ads has a lot of advertising policy regulations that must be obeyed. If it is violated will cause us to advertise the site will be suspended by Google. And the sites can not advertise again in the Google Ads for at suspended. The things that cause a site in deferred is selling counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods or goods kw, counterfeit goods, goods that resembles a trademark.

Selling goods that can cause other people harm such as selling guns, drugs like are also banned advertising on Google Ads. Sites that make dishonest behavior such as sites that make rich in 2 weeks. Many sites displaying ads on pages in the hope Google users click on these ads.

Content with racism also banned live on Google and partner networks. When a site in deferred so that we will help the site removed the suspension and running back with the proviso ad followed a policy of advertising with Google Ads. Usually before the site in suspended by Google advertisers will receive an email alert that the site violates the rules. Safe and comfortable to advertise on Google when we know the rules made by the expert Google Ads. Before advertise we must read the policy to advertise on Google Ads carefully so that the site did not experience any delay.

When a site in deferred not to worry and confused. It was a regular thing in advertising on Google AdWords. In general, many of our client sites in suspended by Google but it is where we can help and escalation that we have a very good relationship with Google Ads specialist in Singapore. There are no additional costs in releasing sites in suspended. Everything is in one package cost to advertise on Google Ads.

However, if you are not a client of our advertising is no fee will apply to you if you want the site removed the suspension. Starting today call us if you want to advertise on the internet on Google Ads network that controls the digital advertising world on the internet. We are ready to assist you in promoting your business in the local and global.