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Google Ads Ad Performance

Saturday 2 April 2016

Google Ads Ad Performance

google adwords ad performance Advertise on Google Ads can be done by everyone. There were some people there is no time to learn about the Google Ads advertising program. If you do not understand and do not have time to learn the Google Ads and submit it to us.

We have a small team that will manage your ads so you can ad performance we've optimized as much as possible. We know the Google Ads advertising program since 2006 and managing advertising clients in recent years.

There are hundreds of advertising accounts that we manage from across the country ranging from travelling businesses and car businesses . There is not a month of advertisers already resulted in a conversion or sale on their site and there is also the opposite of the usual things you advertise anywhere because there was any provision governing. Likewise in performance advertising clients number of clicks or visitors there who have clicks 50 clicks per day, 100 clicks per day, 200 clicks per day, even there that have 700 clicks per day with a daily budget of $2 per day. Activity of clicks or visitors and the price of the keyword will not be the same for every business. It is based on demand and supply.

More and more users Google search for the keywords that we shoot of course the price will decline keyword. And vice versa when the keywords that we shoot rare in the search of Google users and Google users rarely clicked on the ad prices will be more expensive keywords. Images that are on your screen is one of the performance of the ads we manage. You can look at the number of daily clicks between 200-260 hits per day with a daily budget of about $1.5 per day. When the number of clicks divided daily budget, For example the amount of clicks 200 / $1.5  = $0.01 per click.

That means the price per click keywords $0,01 per click. To generate ad performance as it requires the optimization process. Advertise on Google Ads can be fun and profitable if they have to understand and have insight in the field of Google Ads advertising program. Our pleasure is in Google Ads makes advertising structures such as creating ad campaigns, keyword analyzer a very pleasant thing for us.