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Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads

Saturday 2 April 2016

mobile ads google adwords
Right now you are the users of the website can use all the features named mobile ads. This feature is very helpful for you to improve your Google Ads ad that you install on your own content. Mobile ads as the name which can be applied in mobile visitors on your website.

Mobile ads are a type of Google Ads ads that can appear on the web page that you have accompanied an application that can be viewed on mobile devices for example on tablets or mobile phones. Regarding mobile ads in Google Ads can be defined as where ads can appear on a mobile device of the visitor.

It is included in the mobile device at the upper class but use a smaller screen, for example on a smartphone. There are several types of mobile ads, including ads specifically to make phone calls, promotional advertising applications, and others. Mobile ads may only be displayed on a mobile device. So you as the creator of this ad can be applied specifically on mobile phones and tablets that visitors have.

Later ads that have the visit will appear on the mobile search results. On some Web sites that can be optimized for mobile devices for example on YouTube or even also in other mobile apps. If it is based on some kind of mobile advertising campaigns you have, the ad can be in the form of text, image, video, special dialing the phone, or in the form of content or digital applications.

By using Google's mobile ads as your partner then reach you give the customer can at any time with this ad. Ads that are on mobile devices. Now there are a lot of mobile devices for example, is a smartphone which already have a more complete internet browser. So to see between a desktop computer and that is in the mobile will be the same because the site has been optimized for mobile. for mobile devices classy top can also host applications that can be downloaded by those who are in the AppStore on their device or from the web site.

With so many media that have been available on mobile devices today, then you as a user of Google Ads to show your ads into a variety of formats. By testing this message by applying multiple ad formats will help you to understand more about something that can encourage visitors to visit the website that you have or download the mobile app you have. But in general you can show how your work better for each format with start in tailoring the message so that it can make the visitors using mobile devices may be interested.

You can create an optimal advertising to mobile devices via message so despite being on the small screen but the ads that you attach keep it looking nice. In addition you can also use the message display URL and landing page which is which is specifically for users of mobile devices. to be able to apply you just need to provide a check on the "Mobile" that is located on the side of the "preferences will device". Thus, if the ad groups on ads that are eligible to appear on all devices as well as ads that can dioptilmalkan for mobile devices, but only ads to mobile-only to show on mobile devices in your web.

Some mobile devices with full browsers Some mobile devices are common historically that was already equipped with a complete browser which there 2. iOS devices where available are on Safari and Chrome. Android devices that are only available for Chrome. Thus you can easily plug the AdWords ads on mobile devices at this time are becoming more sophisticated.
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google adwords remarketing Remarketing can give you the possibility to display ads to visitors who've come on your web site or can also use the mobile app. Google Ads ads can appear back on when your customers visit other web sites on the network Display Network. You can use this feature with the Audience tab found on your Google Ads account.

By using Google Ads remarketing on you then it will create a component that you have much better positioned it to you personally in order to increase your sales activity, increase registrations, or promote brand awareness. All of them will help you to improve your return on investment or ROI for all types of ads you show.

Reach out to those who tend to be willing to buy as the remarketing contained in Google Ads, you have the option to reach the visitors after their visit on your web site or using your mobile app. This could happen when they see your product, visiting other web sites, as well as using other mobile apps.

Google Ads remarketing will give you a point of contact that is more timely in directing the visitors to the web site or mobile app that you have when the level of involvement of the visitors are in a very high position. Between your advertising goals with the list can be adjusted to get more detailed advertising goals and obviously then you have to adjust your remarketing lists in Google Ads ads that you have. For example, you can create a list of "shopping cart abandoners" in showing ads to visitors who have added some of the products of their shopping cart, but the deal did not reach out to their completion in a large scale.

Some parts that can provide benefits to those who use Google Ads remarketing agents including the following:
  • Remarketing is a feature that comes from based advertising that can help you in matching people who are interested in right message. 
  • Although the visitors had come out of your web site and make a purchase, but remarketing can allow you to reach buyers even though they are on another website, displaying messages or offers to make the visitors became interested so that will give you the desires on returning them on your web site and complete their purchases. 

By using remarketing lists in Google Ads tide you can reach some of the visitors when they make use of Google's search and browse over 2 million websites and some mobile apps that are included in a part of the Google Display Network. Prices set the more efficient you can utilize automated bid strategies such as by ROAS and BPA in creating a remarketing campaign higher performing. Real time bidding will calculate optimal bids to anyone who has listened to the ads you show. Thus you can be helped in winning in the ad auction with the best possible price. In addition, you will not be charged extra when using Google's auction makes advertising easier.

You can create multiple features such as video, images, and text ads appear on an ad gallery for free. By using remarketing campaign that is dynamic, then the ads that you create can be dynamically that can be installed on your bait with the gallery have more ad layout. Moreover, it can also scale a more engaging ads on the entire collection found on the product or service you have. Place your ad show more visible you can also have visibility into how campaigns work, to see from where the ad, as well as fees you paid.
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video ads google adwords Google Ads began in 2005 has been providing advertising services in the form of videos from Youtube where your video ads can be watched by millions of users Youtube every day or displayed on the Display Network that played videos. How to advertise with video is called TrueView where viewers will be watching the Youtube video in your ad for 30 seconds if the video is longer than 30 seconds.

If the duration is less than 30 seconds, the ad will be played during the duration of the video. Youtube for viewers who choose not to watch the ads, There button "skip ad" after the ad aired several seconds. In addition to excess post video ads on Google Ads that could involve millions of viewers on Youtube.

There are again some benefits and things you should know about this TrueView. Reaching the right audience by creating a Google Ads ads in video form. You can reach a specific target market and have an interest in the content of your ad. For example your target audience is the young man a new career in midlife 20. Then your ads will be shown on the videos that have the demographics that fit your target market. That way you do not need to spend money to advertise to see people who clearly are not interested in the business and outside of your target market. Google Ads TrueView not only provide land to advertise effectively but also can help you measure the effectiveness of ads that you upload to your Google Ads account.

By checking your account, you can track ad impressions detail and also the cost of the budget is spent. Then, to see how many people are watching your display ads, from YouTube account go to the "Analytics" tab to learn about your advertising audience. There you can also see until the second to how many people want to watch the ads you upload. Google Ads provides multiple formats of video advertising that you can choose according to your audience. This ad format also provides the option to viewers YouTube and Display Network ads more about what you want to see and when they want to see.

TrueView video ad format on Google Ads are as follows: 
  • TrueView in-stream. This format provides an option for ad serving whether to before, during, or after playing the video on Youtube and game publisher sites, applications and other Display Network. You as uploaders ads will charge for advertising if the viewer watches for 30 seconds (or less than that duration when the video is less than 30 seconds), or if there is an interaction of viewers for example to click. 
  • TrueView In-display. This format is used for those who want to advertise in video and appear when viewers discover the videos on Youtube and elsewhere in the site with certain keywords. The fee will be charged to you as an advertiser when there are viewers who opens your link and watch the video ad. This ad format can appear alongside YouTube videos, from YouTube search results, as well as on the websites of the Google Display Network.

CPV is the cost per view average paid by Google Ads advertisers to TrueView advertisers can be different from one another. Fluctuations in the cost is based on the duration of the video, the quality of the material, the dynamics of the auction, and also targeting the market.

In order CPV you pay to the maximum, here are a few tricks: 
  • Evaluation ratio of the display. The ratio of the display is the ratio obtained from the total number of video views with the number of people receiving the video ad. The higher the number of the ratio is the better the health of your video ad because it means more viewers engage with your video ads. Video ads with high ratios tend to see which will win the auction and pay lower CPV. 
  • Evaluate your clickthrough rate. In addition to the display ratio, the value of click-through rate also determines the quality of Google Ads TrueView you install. The clickthrough rate is the ratio of the number of clicks on the video with the number of viewers who receive the video ad. The higher the ratio could indicate how interested viewers with your video ads and messages.
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google adwords ad performance Advertise on Google Ads can be done by everyone. There were some people there is no time to learn about the Google Ads advertising program. If you do not understand and do not have time to learn the Google Ads and submit it to us.

We have a small team that will manage your ads so you can ad performance we've optimized as much as possible. We know the Google Ads advertising program since 2006 and managing advertising clients in recent years.

There are hundreds of advertising accounts that we manage from across the country ranging from travelling businesses and car businesses . There is not a month of advertisers already resulted in a conversion or sale on their site and there is also the opposite of the usual things you advertise anywhere because there was any provision governing. Likewise in performance advertising clients number of clicks or visitors there who have clicks 50 clicks per day, 100 clicks per day, 200 clicks per day, even there that have 700 clicks per day with a daily budget of $2 per day. Activity of clicks or visitors and the price of the keyword will not be the same for every business. It is based on demand and supply.

More and more users Google search for the keywords that we shoot of course the price will decline keyword. And vice versa when the keywords that we shoot rare in the search of Google users and Google users rarely clicked on the ad prices will be more expensive keywords. Images that are on your screen is one of the performance of the ads we manage. You can look at the number of daily clicks between 200-260 hits per day with a daily budget of about $1.5 per day. When the number of clicks divided daily budget, For example the amount of clicks 200 / $1.5  = $0.01 per click.

That means the price per click keywords $0,01 per click. To generate ad performance as it requires the optimization process. Advertise on Google Ads can be fun and profitable if they have to understand and have insight in the field of Google Ads advertising program. Our pleasure is in Google Ads makes advertising structures such as creating ad campaigns, keyword analyzer a very pleasant thing for us.
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teks ads google adwords Google Ads advertising medium on the internet to advertise a product, business, or your campaign in any format. One of them is in the form of text or writing. Text ads are Google Ads ads that most standard and most commonly appears on the compound in the Google search results.

Text ads generally contain the link to your web site or even it could be an email or a phone number, and a description of your site's content in simple language and precise. Ads not only appear on Google search results pages but also can run across all of Google's network, for example Youtube. Although it may look different display format on the network or on the mobile.

Internet users who read the text ads you will be able to know that the text is marked with a paid ad for a particular language. All ads adjustment can be done in your Google Ads account so that ads can be aired in accordance with our wishes as an advertiser on Google Ads.

Some of the elements contained in your text ads that will appear are: 
  • Ads that begins with a title that is also a link or links from your online site and can be clicked by internet users. 
  • Then underneath there are one or two lines of text for a description and the address of your site is written in green. 

When you advertise on Google Ads there are several components that determine the quality of your ad and make the overall effective advertising to attract users to click. By understanding these components you will have a guide to composing text ad quality. Quality ads based on the relevant pages, quality score and the offer price for your ad to be aired in positions 1-3.

The title is the first component to be first seen by people. Therefore make the title links that contain keywords and make people interested to click. The second component is the display URL will be marked with green color in the ad text. This URL is to show the user a page that will open when the link is clicked on the title. The description is a component of AdWords ads that provide brief information on the business or the content of your site.

To view the mobile version of Google Ads ads will typically cut the second line description for ad space is limited. Writing text ads that quality is an obligation that Google users are tempted to click on your ad. Once you determine what kind of targeted consumers, the next step is to create a text ad on Google Ads specific, relevant, and interesting to get a lot of clicks.

Advertise with Google Ads will be more profitable if you do some of the following: 
  • What is the added value in your business compared to other businesses. Include these advantages in your text ad description. 
  • Products that are no promotion is certainly more attractive for users or prospective customers. If you are having a party discount, free shipping costs, or other bonuses, this could be your value in the eyes of consumers. 

Tell me what should be done by the consumer to be able to get the product from you. Words such solicitation eg register now, or buy mumpung stocks are still there, and so will assist consumers in taking action to be taken. Effective text ads are ads that are relevant to keywords typed. Therefore enter your target keyword in the title or description so that consumers may be more interested to click on your ad. This match between the link text ads with the opened page of course also be an important factor.

If your ad mentions a promo discount but when the consumer opens the page the link and found no signs of promo consumers will abandon you. Add your text ad extensions at the office or store such as the address, phone number to call, and so on. It will provide information that is clear and easy to get to the see the ad and show that your business is not a fictitious business. Additionally consider creating an ad on a mobile version as well as Google Ads ads may look different in the mobile version. Avoid errors in writing ads that can degrade the quality of text ads on Google Ads. Some common errors in text ads are spaced more, capitalization irregular, and URLs that are not clear.
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image ads google adwords
Advertise Google Ads by using the image are advertising that will appear on the web page or on a network display network. Advertising with this chart you can also set the specifications such as when they aired ads, where ads will appear, and other settings that are owned by Google Ads.

Google Ads partner or agency in the field of advertising can be utilized to create an ad in the form of static images, animation, HTML5 format, and can also create ads in various sizes.

If the text ad ad title is the link, then the ad is draw a picture that will direct users to click on any area on the image to go to a page that has been linked.

These image ads must necessarily be relevant to the business or the content contained on the linked sites. So that could also be included a bit of information such as pricing promo item or a phone number to call. That's why HTML5 animated image ads or more preferred because it can contain much more information that is important and elevate the quality of the ad.

There are two ways you can attach image ads in Google Ads:
  • The first is to upload the graphic homemade to your Google Ads account.
  • The second made in Google's free tools to create image ads using a framework that is already available.  

Images are visual interfaces that can make people more interested in something. Moreover, by placing image ads on Google Ads, your ads can be displayed on thousands of network sites that are members of the Google Display Network. This network includes the world famous sites mobile phone or PC applications, Blog online, online news portal, and many more. The image size and ad layout can be tailored to combine text and visual. Image ads have more appeal than just a text that is often overlooked by internet users. The right image ad formats, determine first if you want to advertise in a desktop browser or mobile format. Can also use both formats for the same ad but the dimensions and the format is different.

In fact, it could also use the same Google Ads account you create more than one form of advertising other than the image for example with text ads or video ads. Dimensions size and format of image ads in Google Ads tide depends on the gadget that is used. Using responsive ads want to easily have an image ad that can perform well in desktop and mobile formats. Google Ads has a responsive advertising option that is a framework that can make your image ads will automatically adjust the dimensions and size when opened with a desktop or when using a mobile. Another advantage is that you can create ads based on the existing framework so you can save even more time and effort.

But there are some things to note for example after selecting ad templates, content and size can not be changed individually. Some elements within the ad might not appear in all ad sizes. Advertise with Google Ads in the form of images, must be in accordance with the provisions of dimensions and formats to be displayed on the site pages. For the mobile version that supports open formats in mobile phones is .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, PNG, while the desktop version in addition to the format could be with the SWF format. The image size is good for mobile and desktop alike no more than 150 kb.

For the size of the pixel ad image desktop version has a square-shaped variation of the size of square 250 x 250, small square 200 x 200, inline rectangle of 300 x 250, leaderboard 728 x 90, skyscraper 120 x 600, wide skyscraper 160 x 600. And the ad size version of the image shaped mobile banners mobile leaderboard 320 x 50, small square 200 x 200, Square 250 x 250, inline rectangle 300 x 250 . When your image ad already aired. You will find there the X in the top corner on the image ad. If the X is clicked by a visitor site visitors means they do not want to see these ads to appear again. With a click on the X in it automatically Google will not display ads from Google Ads partners include the page associated with that domain. That way you do not have to pay for the ads shown to people who are not interested.
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google adwords ad unsuspended Ads that violate the site to advertise on Google Ads will be suspended. Case ad suspension suspension on the menu Suspended. In order to suspend the site in return can advertise on the Google network sites must be in escalation to Google Centre. Escalation process 3 business days or more after at fixed sites and supporting documents received by Google Ads specialists who are competent in handling the Google Ads advertising policies.

Sites in the first review by the Google Ads specialist before heading escalation process. After the escalation process is completed within 3 business days sites can advertise again in the search engine Google and partners. However, there are some cases escalation process more than 3 business days. When this happens we must be more proactive in following up these issues. Problem escalation process longer because the sites hit by Saturday-Sunday. Google Ads specialist operating hours Monday-Friday. Another cause is the shortage of human resources who work at Google. They serve all advertisers from around the world, amounting to millions of advertisers. When a site has removed the suspension we'll get an email or phone call from them. It is often experienced in escalating advertising sites of our clients are in suspended.

As the agent our Google Ads is responsible for managing the client's ad so that your ad performance can walk properly and optimally to get profit. You are still confused in escalating sites in suspended starting today contact us so that we can help as soon as possible. Choose Google Ads agent who can work fast, accurate and responsible. So that you can focus on managing your business without thinking about the issue advertising in which the system is complicated for some people.

We've had a lot of experience in dealing with sites in your account and suspend. Almost all the sites that we can help fix problems and escalation with reference to advertise on Google Ads policies. There are some cases ads can not we help escalation because the site is in serious violation. Starting today advertise on Google Ads to achieve maximum profit of your business.
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