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Image Ads Google Ads

Saturday 2 April 2016

Image Ads Google Ads

image ads google adwords
Advertise Google Ads by using the image are advertising that will appear on the web page or on a network display network. Advertising with this chart you can also set the specifications such as when they aired ads, where ads will appear, and other settings that are owned by Google Ads.

Google Ads partner or agency in the field of advertising can be utilized to create an ad in the form of static images, animation, HTML5 format, and can also create ads in various sizes.

If the text ad ad title is the link, then the ad is draw a picture that will direct users to click on any area on the image to go to a page that has been linked.

These image ads must necessarily be relevant to the business or the content contained on the linked sites. So that could also be included a bit of information such as pricing promo item or a phone number to call. That's why HTML5 animated image ads or more preferred because it can contain much more information that is important and elevate the quality of the ad.

There are two ways you can attach image ads in Google Ads:
  • The first is to upload the graphic homemade to your Google Ads account.
  • The second made in Google's free tools to create image ads using a framework that is already available.  

Images are visual interfaces that can make people more interested in something. Moreover, by placing image ads on Google Ads, your ads can be displayed on thousands of network sites that are members of the Google Display Network. This network includes the world famous sites mobile phone or PC applications, Blog online, online news portal, and many more. The image size and ad layout can be tailored to combine text and visual. Image ads have more appeal than just a text that is often overlooked by internet users. The right image ad formats, determine first if you want to advertise in a desktop browser or mobile format. Can also use both formats for the same ad but the dimensions and the format is different.

In fact, it could also use the same Google Ads account you create more than one form of advertising other than the image for example with text ads or video ads. Dimensions size and format of image ads in Google Ads tide depends on the gadget that is used. Using responsive ads want to easily have an image ad that can perform well in desktop and mobile formats. Google Ads has a responsive advertising option that is a framework that can make your image ads will automatically adjust the dimensions and size when opened with a desktop or when using a mobile. Another advantage is that you can create ads based on the existing framework so you can save even more time and effort.

But there are some things to note for example after selecting ad templates, content and size can not be changed individually. Some elements within the ad might not appear in all ad sizes. Advertise with Google Ads in the form of images, must be in accordance with the provisions of dimensions and formats to be displayed on the site pages. For the mobile version that supports open formats in mobile phones is .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, PNG, while the desktop version in addition to the format could be with the SWF format. The image size is good for mobile and desktop alike no more than 150 kb.

For the size of the pixel ad image desktop version has a square-shaped variation of the size of square 250 x 250, small square 200 x 200, inline rectangle of 300 x 250, leaderboard 728 x 90, skyscraper 120 x 600, wide skyscraper 160 x 600. And the ad size version of the image shaped mobile banners mobile leaderboard 320 x 50, small square 200 x 200, Square 250 x 250, inline rectangle 300 x 250 . When your image ad already aired. You will find there the X in the top corner on the image ad. If the X is clicked by a visitor site visitors means they do not want to see these ads to appear again. With a click on the X in it automatically Google will not display ads from Google Ads partners include the page associated with that domain. That way you do not have to pay for the ads shown to people who are not interested.